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Quintynne Hill Farm
1355 Coleman Bridge Road
Wagener, SC 29164

Quintynne Hill Farm is located 12 miles east of Aiken, SC where horses are kings.  It was established in 1992. The farm was developed with the horses' needs being the top priority.  Large pastures with lush grass protected by woods provide the perfect environment for both the horse and rider.

Toi Trent has an extensive background in teaching with a Masters degree in Education.  She provides written lesson summaries and educational handouts to further increase the rider's equestrian knowledge.  Toi has earned a USDF Bronze and Silver Medal and she completed Charles de Kunffy's East Coast Instructor Program in 1999.  Her teaching program develops confident riders and 'happy' horses.  Correct, focused riding results in the rider's positive influence on the athletic development of the horse.
Toi works with all levels of riders from beginners to advanced; riders that ride for their own enjoyment and those that are serious about competing.

Toi is currently competing at the FEI level with her horse, Tyberius. 
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Owner: Toi Trent
USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist
Owner: Toi Trent
USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist